We proudly carry the complete E-Z-GO Line including all personal, golf, commercial and industrial cars along with their parts and accessories. E-Z-GO, a Textron company, is renowned as a leader in electric-vehicle technology, and strives to build vehicles that exceed expectations.

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The E-Z-GO RXV offers reliable and durable performance. The electric model comes with an innovative AC Drive and full-time regenerative braking, while the gas-powered model is equipped with the best-in-class 13 hp Kawasaki engine.

RXV Freedom

The Freedom RXV is great for cruising around your neighborhood or the golf course. It is equipped with the new RXV’s technology in both the electric and gas models, and it comes equipped with headlights, taillights, a horn, brakelights, and much more.

RXV Shuttle 2+2

The Shuttle 2+2 RXV is capable of smoothly hauling up to four passengers. This car is offered in both electric and gas-powered options, and features the same RXV innovative technology.

Express L4 and S4

Both the Express L4 and Express S4 can comfortably haul up to four passengers. Each comes equipped with a rear-facing bench that converts into a cargo bed, both are offered in either a powerful electric or gas drivetrain options, have headlights, front brush guards, and deck conversions. The Express L4 goes above and beyond these features to include two-toned seats, 22-inch trail tires on polished spoke wheels, taillights, brake lights, cupholders, and dashboard storage pockets.

Express L6 and S6

E-Z-GO’s Express L6 and S6 are perfect for moving up to six passengers. The L6 and S6 are offered in a powerful electric or gas drivetrain options. They both come with a rear-facing seat that converts into a cargo bed, have headlights, taillights, front brush guards, and deck conversions. The Express L6 has a lifted suspension to aid in driving over difficult terrain with rough obstacles.

Terrain 250

The Terrain 250 is great for work or play. It is available with a
no-emission 48-volt electric drivetrain, or a fuel-efficient 13-hp Kawasaki gas engine. This two passenger car offers a 5.9-cu-ft cargo bed with a manual dump, and a capacity of 800 lbs.

Terrain 1000

The tough electric or gas-powered Terrain 1000 has higher ground clearance and up to 1000-lb capacity. It is equipped with a 9.6-cu-ft cargo bed with a manual dump, and has the option of adding a 14.9-cu-ft aluminum cargo bed.